See you on the other side xxx

An inclusive celebration showcasing amazing women performers on the grassroots..and all powered by the sun!

A note to the haters who feel the need to pass comment without having ever been –

Next time you call this ‘sexist’, be sure to call the line-ups we’re holding a mirror to the same..

‘Gender is irrelevant.’ Quite right. Opportunity isn’t though.

‘It’s a feminist/militant lesbian festival.’ I don’t label myself, or my events ‘feminist’..because they’re not, so kindly don’t. They’re grassroots, off grid, all inclusive, safe for all friendly gatherings. This one is highlighting an issue in the festival scene, but it’s still one of ours.

‘It’s women only’. Erm, except it really isn’t.

‘You shouldn’t let men in.’ Silly me. I was thinking that inclusivity might be a good foundation for equality. Our crew is fairly balanced, too, and we like it that way.

‘I don’t like female fronted music’. Sounds a bit self restrictive to me, at best.

‘You’re excluding trans people’. 10% of the acts booked this year had trans members. Maybe target events that really do exclude on all levels rather than inclusive ones.

‘You’re only doing this to get your own band more bookings’. Try not to judge people by your own standards. Some of us mean what we do.

(and my favourite)

‘There aren’t enough decent women in music. That’s why most line-ups are male dominated.’

Please insert ‘opportunities for’ in-between ‘decent’ and ‘women’. This year’s event alone shows your statement to be way off the mark.