With 2020 being a right off for festivals and grassroots performers alike, the #FieldMe campaign was set up to help those artists that we can’t book and who are falling down the cracks of government help.

So far, we’ve raised over £2500 with our merch and music campaign and donations, as well as just over £3000 from the online Glastonwick festival (thanks Attila!) and distributed over 3/4 of it to those needing it most already.

Our merch is all handmade and/or handpainted. The best way to see what’s on offer is to join our FACEBOOK GROUP and you can buy the absolutely stonking double album on digital download HERE!

Several acts have also put online gigs on in support. Thank you! We’re also starting Live SEssions from 11th July, once a fortnight, in support from the SE fb page.

If you’d just like to donate, you can by CLICKING HERE

We’re also looking for portable home recording equipment that’s no longer being used to pass on. Please get in touch if you can help.

If you’re a performer who is struggling, please give us a shout. We’re as discreet as you want us to be. 

Thank you from SE and all the performers you’re supporting xxx